Tips and Tidbits

Check back often for little interesting tips and tidbits of info, whether it be a product I'm loving or a neat organizing hint.


Jen's Closet Organizing - Tip #1

Hang all of the clothing in your closet with the hanger hooks pointing out, which might drive you crazy.  I know it drove me crazy.  Give yourself a deadline, be it six months or twelve months to get you through all four seasons.  As you wear a piece of clothing and put it back in your closet after wearing/washing, put the hanger back the right way.  As you reach the time deadline, any hangers still pointing out are holding things that really ought to be donated.  If you haven't worn them by now, you likely won't. Now, if you're like me and you try on a few things before you choose something, those things you didn't choose on any given day need to go hangers-out.  That doesn't count as a wear.   As a general rule, we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. 


Jen's Bathroom Cleaning - Tip #2

Use a water spray bottle to pre-mix double strength cleaning vinegar and water 50/50.  When you go to clean a bathroom, go in, squirt your toilet cleaner around the bowl, then spray your tub/shower enclosure (and doors if you have them) with your vinegar and water solution.  By the time you get your sink cleaned and rinsed, the vinegar will have done its thing in the tub/shower, and you should only need a quick swish with a cloth to get it to sparkle.  The benefit of the natural cleaner is that you won't be hacking and coughing while breathing in the fumes while working in a small bathroom space.  




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